April 8, 2017


08 These types of tent we use for Eco- trekking tours.

We are also running Rural and Eco-adventuring tour program in the Shivalik belts of Himalayas region. Where we are offering sites shows, exotic scenarios, famous and well known historical place, tracking and camps, opportunity to know about the culture, religion, chatting with villagers and the activity done in village like rice planting, fishing, celebrating wedding, festivals and other good

occasions, and Hindi learning program for the interested one. We also provide tracking and camps facility like a tents with all camping stuff like sleeping bags, ration etc. Apart from the Eco- tourism all the social activity that are running by us with the support of an organization (YUSUF MEHERALLY CENTER) If volunteers are interested you are most welcome to do the volunteer work in above mentioned activity and be part of it. We have luxurious and an ordinary car facility for local Transportation and tours. Our center point is kandikhal from where we operate all the work. The places mentioned below are come under 30-10 kilometers from Mussoorie. There are separate packages for each tour according to the days.

Experience village life –
Community Based Rural Tourism (CBT)

Community based Rural tourism has been identified as a viable option for providing livelihood opportunities to the communities residing in villages near the Forest areas and to provide visitors a glimpse of rural hill village life. Tourist circuits and destinations have been developed in the vicinity of the existing tourist routes / destinations. The circuits include Historical place, like George Everest, Gun hill, Laltibba, Lakhamandle, Kalsi Ashoka pillar, Lakhwad, Cheetah fall, Naagthat valley, old historical schedule tribes village, Hanoul, and Baraat khai, In the interior regions of the State CBT has been introduced as a means of employment and income generation for the local communities. Sustained efforts have made in Uttarakhand for an important hub of CBT at national and international level. More than 30 villages of Uttarakhand are now well recognized in field of CBT.

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