April 8, 2017

Relief Work

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This is 50 kilometer away from the Mussoorie in Thutur Block, District Tehri Garhwal. Name of the victim villages are as follows Pappra village, Dugda village, Shirva village, Durgapul village, Bhimal ke chaloti, Dwargarh, Mailgarh, Yamuna brigde, Thatur town, and Bhumiya village. Still there lot of work to do and our team is continuing with providing relief work in these villages. For all the relief work YMC and other NGO’s are supporting us to help the victim’s disaster.

Past and current activity done by us in affected area :

  • Provided food, clothes, blankets etc.
  • Provided water line, water connections, filter etc.
  • Done survey work on disaster affected area.
  • Build and repair shelter, roads, provided tents, tin shelters etc.
  • Organize medical camps, with specialist doctor disaster victims and provide first aid.
  • Cleaning of dump mud brought by flood from their roads, house and fields.
  • Construction and opening of the schools.
  • Provided training to the village women and generate employments.
  • Running of small and cottage Industries in the effected village.
  • Built Bio-Toilets.
  • Feeding and providing medical treatment to animals.
  • Organized different types of awareness program with children, youth, women and old people.
  • Organized state and national level seminars to discus about the victim’s of natural disaster.
  • Distributed the cows and run Cooperative Dairy forms.

Our other mission is to developed schedule tribes-schedule cast villages in rural area in jaunpur and Jaunsar. In the field of education, economic, social and political. More over our effort is to abolish act like injustice, exploitation women inequality, corruption, untouchably, castes and communal harmony, which is like a curse and most often facing by the schedule cast people in rural area. People of this area believe in superstitious that’s why we are working against it to stop these things. We also preserve the traditional knowledge and promote it. This is the reason to stop these things by conducting camps, awareness program and encourage the people about human right, democracy, freedom and through the scientific view of point. Over all our main aim is to generate a medium of employment for villagers to raise fund for village development by running small industries in village kandikhal- Thatud and trying to make true of Gandhi’s dream by abolishing the inequality and bringing up the social justice and equality among the people we try to bring up an opinion of our constituent maker Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar.

Our mission of Rular Eco-tourism

Regarding with RURAL ECO-TOURISM our main aim is to preserve, maintain and keep alive of natural beauties provided by the nature like streams water that comes out from the earth, forest, river, wild animals and diverse culture of a communities dwelling in Shivalik belts and being eco-friendly. Not only this we are using things provided by the nature to make product like plates, wood, coal, potteries, juice, soap and basket. So that we can satisfy our volunteers with wonders of amazing fact of nature and encourage all to be a part of healthy environment.

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