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Social And Economic Conditions Of Jaunsar & Jaunpur

Social Conditions If we talk about the castism, casts is the biggest threat in the Jaunsar and Jaunsar area. They are treated as untouchabilities by the upper casts people, they won’t allow the lower casts people to sit with other high casts villagers if there is any big feast organized by villagers during the festivals, wedding, religious activities and any good occasion in village they keep maintain distance from the lower cast people, or won’t allow them to enter in temples to worship. Jaunsar is one of the place where the 60% people are belong from upper casts and economically, socially, educationally very strong, but the Jaunsar and Jaunpur is proclaim as schedule tribes area where the people are taking the advantage of ST reservation. These upper cast people they are getting ST reservation because they are having their land since so long and because of reservation they get high rank job easily in a government sector now they can’t work in their land themselves, that’s why these schedule cast people are discriminated and humiliated by these schedule tribes people who are economically, socially, educationally very poor and do not have their own land sometime its very hard to run their family they financial problem, these all things compel them to work as bounded labour under schedule tribes to overcome with their financial problems and these schedule tribes people have lot of money because of high position in job then they lend high amount of money to any schedule cast people in a very high interest them for their work which is very difficult for schedule cast to return back throughout their life. More over there is no any welfare society social support to the people as well as police and Media support. In villages there is a panchayati system who made the law and take all the decision. Sometime after drinking the liker husband hits his wife, everybody is doing what they want there is no one to check and stop all these exploitation.

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Economic Conditons Regarding with the economic conditions the economic condition of Jaunsar and Jaunpur are very poor. They don’t have any source of fund. The main occupation of the people living here are farmer and labour. The crops they grow are sufficient for their family throughout the year. When any goverment plan or scheme bring by the Pradhan in village for the villagers, people are not satisfying themselves from government scheme. Some of the people make herbal liker for their incom so that they can atleast run their family which is illegal.

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