April 8, 2017

Janta Raibar

Janta Raibar is the weekly Hindi National news paper running by the Kandikhal villagers since two years. It is running by the behalf of the following ideologist. Socialism, Democracy, Human rights, equality, Atheism and Scientific View point. The meaning of Janta is “public” and Raibar means “message”. It is registered by the government of India. The great leader of social activist Smt. Medha Patheker, freedom fighter Dr. G.G. Parikh and other writer, thinker also attached with it.


List of News Papers available in pdf format

  1. Janta Raibar 5.5.13
  2. Janta Raibar 15.9.13
  3. Janta Raibar 4.5.14
  4. Janta Raibar 11.5.14
  5. Janta Raibar 01.06.14
  6. Janta Raibar 17.08.14
  7. Janta Raibar 12.10.14
  8. Janta Raibar 21.09.14
  9. Janta Raibar 23.11.14