La casa de papel 1. Sezon 2. Bölüm

08 Nisan 2020

"Discord Sunucumuza Katılarak: Sohbet edebilir, telifli içerikler hakkında bilgi sahibi ve içerik isteğinde bulunabilirsin. Tıkla Katıl!"

Genel Bakış

Knowing that the police won't try to storm the building again after their first failed attempt, the robbers start to use the hostages to print money, to dig a tunnel for their escape, and to negotiate with the police. Raquel, who quit due to a verbal argument with Colonel Prieto after the failed rescue mission, meets a strange gentleman at a bar and gets suspicious. Because of Alison's phone, the police is able to identify 2 of the robbers, Tokyo and Rio - and that's not the only phone the robbers missed to collect.

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